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Recording the video for I Am A Woman during lockdown.

With the video for this song I want to honour women. Women who help others, women who go into their neighbourhoods to talk to old folks that don't have many social connections.

The lockdown in the Netherlands made it impossible for people to visit their parents in homes. It made it very hard for already isolated groups. There are many organisations and individuals that made an effort to keep making the connection. Examples are: Up! in Nederland, Burenhulplijn, The Jungle Amsterdam, and one vey special person: Diana Sardjoe and her organisation: De Moeder is de Sleutel.

When you watch the video you will see some of these women featured, a nurse, a local politician: Tanja Jadnanansing. These are all women to whom I'm very grateful. Thank you so much for working with me.

Making the video was an adventure. We had a great team: Esther Verkaik, who shot beautiful images and Martin Wrigsjo from Sweden who did the editing. Thank you both for your inspiration, critical view, great artistry, and hard work. Check the video here.

I also want to thank American Hotel, now known as Hard Rock Hotel for their cooperation, for letting me play on their wonderful grand piano and for the opportunity to shoot the video in their beautiful American café.

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